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Wholesale Modafinil Price – Bulk Order


The price of wholesale Modafinil when buying from our ModafinilXL online pharmacy – from $0.39 per tab up to $0.59 per tab. See PDF file for more detailed pricing >

Wholesale Modafinil Bulk Order Price

– $0.39 per tablet (min 15,000 tabs)

– $0.44 per tablet (min 10,000 tabs)

– $0.48 per tablet (min 5,000 tabs)

– $0.49 per tablet (min 3,000 tabs)

– $0.55 per tablet (min 2,000 tabs)

– $0.59 per tablet (min 1,000 tabs)

The Modafinil wholesale price depends on the quantity ordered. See Modafinil bulk order price list for more info.

More details:

– Expiry Date: January, 2027

– Free express shipping to the US (7-10 days) directly from India

– Guaranteed delivery or 100% money-back

Please note that the Modafinil Wholesale Pack includes Modvigil 200mg and Modavinil 200mg brands only. This pack does NOT include Modalert, Waklert brands by Sun Pharma, Artvigil by HAB Pharma, Armodavinil 150mg, ModaXL, ArmodaXL, nor sublingual Modafil MD 200mg. Please get in touch with us if you wish to place a complex bulk order that includes a variety of brands. Because our wholesale prices are much lower than retail prices, the 20% bitcoin discount is NOT available for this product.

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Modafinil effects on the brain Almost 20-30% of the worldwide population suffers from excessive drowsiness and daily fatigue because of some kind of sleep-related disorders.

Discomfort and difficulties created by these ailments can be successfully treated by Modafinil and its derivatives. This drug can give you more benefits than a regular cup of coffee. It is a fountain of energy that promotes mental activity and eliminates tiredness. It is a brain booster, which helps you to reach higher levels in your career. This cognitive enhancer will change your life. Read more why bulk orders of these “smart drugs” can become beneficial.


Modafinil Tablets Bulk Order Advantages


Buy onlineModafinilXL is a famous online pharmacy that sells high-grade generic Modafinil. You need no prescription to make an order, because all unbranded medicines, which contain modafinil, can be obtained here OTC. Generic drugs provide similar effectiveness and mechanism of action as labeled medicines, but their price is more cost-friendly than offered by pharmacological giants.

These tablets are distributed via internet stores with no need to overpay for advertising and promotion. As a rule, online suppliers offer regular discounts and various schemes of buying drugs at the best possible price. Making a wholesale order, you get a considerable price reduction than purchasing pills at a retail cost. This pharmacy is a perfect option to save both your time and money.


Price of Wholesale Modafinil


The average cost of branded Modafinil ranges from $20-$30 for one pill. It would seem reasonable, if this type of modafinil differed from the one used in generic drugs, or if its results were several times better. As the potency and quality of both drug categories are the same, it’s a good idea to opt for Indian modafinil. If you buy generic tablets in bulk at ModafinilXL, you get the price of $0.39 to $0.79 per pill.

A wholesale purchase will save your time for making several similar orders or waiting for coming parcels. By a bulk order, the cost for tabs decreases, which makes them affordable for ordinary customers.

The  Modafinil wholesale price depends on the quantity ordered:

  • $0.39 per tablet (min 15,000 tabs);
  • $0.44 per tablet (min 10,000 tabs);
  • $0.48 per tablet (min 5,000 tabs);
  • $0.59 per tablet (min 1,000 tabs).

See Modafinil bulk order price list for more info.

Generic Modafinil Bulk Order List

Modafinil Bulk Order Price Large Quantities Wholesale Generic Pills

This attachment presents a wholesale price list with modafinil-containing medicines for bulk orders. Find out the name of the product that you need and see the price for the remedies in the horizontal line. The cost varies according to the number of pills you purchase: it decreases if you buy more. A separate column provides the name of the manufacturer.

Best of all, your order for a wholesale quantity of Modafinil can consist of a combination of Modvigil (included in the price), and other brands that are available with a surcharge ModaXL, Modalert, and Armodafinil. We will get in touch with you once the order is placed.

Own Package of Modafinil Tablets for Sale


NootropicsYou can order more than one kind of pills apart from Modafinil and include other similar drugs to your parcel. Generic Waklert, Modalert, Modvigil, Modafresh, and Armodafinil are also available for sale at ModafinilXL. Forming your own pack of pills is a great opportunity to try different types of modafinil-based remedies. Our users face a large assortment of medications and are not limited by a particular one.

You are also free to select any drug manufacturer you prefer. It will take a couple of clicks to add the products to your cart. Don’t worry about the shelf-life of the ordered drugs, it expires in more than two years.


How to Get a Generic Package of Modafinil Pills in the USA?


Modafinil is a prescribed medication, what means that it is regulated by the government. You need a doctor’s prescription to buy it in ordinary pharmacies. Thanks to liberating internet tools, these tablets can be bought online without prescription. The purchase is absolutely secure and legit if done at ModafinilXL.

Online orders have become an advantageous and comfortable way of getting goods: no need to go somewhere and to talk to a pharmacist. Your online purchase is completely confidential. Besides, such online stores take into account every detail to minimize the cost of their products: no need to pay a rental fee and keep sales representatives. Just visit our website and enjoy a simple process of ordering.


How to Get Modafinil

Guaranteed Wholesale Shipping


Fast deliveryAs a bonus to every wholesale purchase, express shipping of your order is free of charge.

When the order is placed, it is put into work immediately. Proper attention is given to secure drug packaging to avoid possible drug damage on its way to clients. ModafinilXL is a reliable and professional supplier, who cares about the safe delivery of the ordered goods. We work with verified delivery companies, proven as the fastest and trustworthy carriers. We ensure the delivery within 7-10 days after the order has been placed. Every customer receives a link with the possibility to track a parcel.

Our pharmacy has been working for many years and has thousands of happy clients. We can state for sure that our team of professionals provides the best service because our main goal is to help people and provide them with quality and effective remedies.

Additional information

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Buy modafinil online! It’s the easiest, cheapest and most discreet way of ordering your generic Provigil. We allow our customers to save hundreds of dollars while receiving a generic product that is every bit as effective as the branded pills! Modafinil is now an affordable, easily accessible and super effective smart drug.

As with branded medications, the active ingredients of generic drugs also receive approval from the FDA. So, whether you are on a budget or just looking to order your modafinil discreetly, the safe, generic modafinil should work for you!


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