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Modalert Reviews, Ratings, Comments by Users

Modalert (Modafinil) is an oral prescription drug that helps the patient stay awake no matter what is causing them the sleep disorder.

A Modalert review of how I aced my major. I was struggling to concentrate on my major (music) when I was introduced to Modalert. I could think clearly and managed to do really well considering how little time I left myself to study.

Modalert review: an MIT grad’s perspective. I was always good at math but my course really tested my limits until I tried Modalert – now I’m finding it a breeze to study calculus.

Just a little Modalert review for anyone thinking of trying it – I had a deadline for a work report looming and it was just what I needed to focus on the task at hand.

My Modalert review: zero side effects! I had my doubts but the side effects of this pill were negligible – I’ve got a clear head and I’m relieved that my assignment got done in time!

My head was all over the place working two jobs to support my family until I found out about Modalert. Now I can get through the day and still go home and enjoy time with my kids without being overtired.

Overtime made easy: I totaled my car and have been working overtime these past few months to pay for a new vehicle. Modalert has kept me going when I should have been too tired to function! Would definitely recommend it.

Sleep apnea has plagued my life for years. I just don’t get a good quality sleep to be able to function properly, but Modalert has helped me overcome this.

A Modalert review regarding side effects. I’ve been taking Modalert for about two weeks during a busy work period. I’ve had headaches once or twice but I put that down to working too hard in construction. It’s helped me meet my deadlines easily.

I found out about these from a friend and ordered some when I knew my workload was going to be heavy. They are great when working overtime or during busy periods.

My tiredness has disappeared! I know different things work for different people but this is a 100% positive Modalert review. I’ve struggled with lethargy for years and this pill has made such a difference to my life – incredible!

So here’s my Modalert review – I’m in my final year and my social life has been taking up too much of my study time. Forget the naysayers, this is a positive Modalert review – now I can balance partying and studying by cramming revision in when on Modalert.

Thought I’d offer a quick Modalert review for anyone considering a purchase. I take one when I’m tired and need to get things done and become a complete zen master of energy and focus.

This pill is a miracle cure for tiredness! I’m ALWAYS tired in the morning, and usually late for work. Heard about this pill on Reddit, purchased it and now I’m here writing a Modalert review – this is THE cure for a foggy head and tiredness, believe me.

Modalert and narcolepsy. Thought I’d offer a quick Modalert review from a narcoleptic perspective. The pills I’d been prescribed weren’t working so I turned to Modalert, and while it doesn’t completely cure ALL of my symptoms, I’m definitely functioning better.

Life was just a series of sleeping all day and having no energy to do anything, until a friend recommended I try Modalert. I’m now employed and doing a lot better.

Modalert got me a promotion! Decided to write this Modalert review because I’ve just got a promotion. Would recommend it to anyone except my colleagues – I’m going all the way to the top!

I work long shifts and many of my colleagues turn to pills with unwanted side effects. I always offer an honest review, and my Modalert review is no different: It gives you clarity and focus without any negative effects.

My first time on Modalert. I have decided to do a real-time Modalert review to explain how I’m feeling. At the moment I’m completely energized!

I’m straight-edge and was worried this stuff would get me really wired. Thankfully it just gave me the clarity I needed and I could sleep when I really needed to.

No more brain blips: I’ve been constantly taking slack for getting things wrong at work. Since I’ve been on Modalert I’ve been putting my fellow employees to shame.

Was unsure whether it would work but felt like I had to leave a Modalert review as this medication is the real thing! I managed to study all night for an exam I otherwise would have had no hope of passing. Amazing. Exams are easy with this pill

So I just had to take an IQ test for a job I applied for. Took some Modalert an hour before arriving and totally nailed it! Needless to say my prospective employers were impressed.

These pills are incredible – minimal side effects for hours of clear thinking! They’re incredibly cheap too.

I had exams coming up and was feeling under pressure because I didn’t have much time to study. This stuff really works – it enabled me to focus instead of procrastinating!

Been super busy running my own business while working part-time in a grocery store, and felt compelled to share a Modalert review to let you in on my secret. This stuff works – it allows you to focus without any negative side effects. I ain’t got time to sleep!

I didn’t take both at once but thought I’d share a Modalert review to let people know I managed to do a double-shift with no trouble. Simply took one tablet at the beginning of each shift and it was a breeze. I took two Modalert pills

I’ve noticed one or two people complaining about headaches – I only got headaches on Modalert when I was dehydrated (I work outside in the sun most days). Stay hydrated and this pill will help you to get your work done in no time.

Just thought I’d write a short Modalert review to share my thoughts on how this pill is an absolute miracle. Working shifts and studying for a degree at the same time has been effortless with Modalert.

I’ve been taking Modalert for about two months and it’s helped me so much – I even got a promotion at the store I work at thanks to these pills.

When I get tired I tend to get angry and sometimes depressed – thought I’d offer a Modalert review for anyone in the same situation. I don’t take it every day but I find it gives me the edge when I would have otherwise crumbled. Worth the money, for sure.

This pill works so well, it’s unreal! I now have the focus and clarity I need to perform to the best of my ability.

Just thought I’d share a Modalert review since I’ve been taking these types of pill for over a year. Would definitely recommend Modalert over any other type as it works quicker (for me anyway). Modalert is better than Armodafinil

Felt like I needed to share my own personal Modalert review – my focus is sharp, my thoughts are clear. Try it and see.

A Modalert review from a casual user. Sometimes I need to cover for employees when they’re sick, which means doing double shifts. Modalert lets me do this with ease.

I’m always wary of the addictive properties of stimulants but Modalert is in a class of its own – low addiction risk and helps me regain focus when I need it the most.

Tried taking Modalert and had no side effects. If I were to offer a Modalert review I’d say it’s the best pill on the market of its type.

I tried Modalert as a last resort to help me revise with only a day or two to go before an exam. I passed easily thanks to the focus these pills gave me.

My wife left me shortly before a major deal at work. Modalert gave me the focus to concentrate on what was important – clinching the deal!

I usually take Modalert to help with menial tasks in my office job, but I found that it actually help me focus when doing cardio (I ran for a couple of kilometers longer than normal).

My 9-5 job involves repetitive tasks. It’s boring work but it requires an eye for detail. Modalert helps with that immensely.

As a supervisor on a production line, my daily tasks can be a bit boring, but I need to be totally focused to check for errors. Thought I’d offer quick Modalert review: it makes menial tasks much easier because you can focus without getting distracted.

I’ve been working in student bars in order to afford to pay my way through college. Modalert gives me the clarity and focus to study when I’d otherwise be tired.

I’ll keep this Modalert review short and sweet as I have a lot of revision to do: put simply, it works. No more lethargy, just complete and total focus.

I’d recently suffered a bereavement and my work had been sadly suffering as a result. Modalert helps me to focus on the task at hand, it’s just what I need.

I used to be so tired and cloudy headed before I discovered Modalert. I don’t take it every day, But thankfully it’s cheap enough to always be there when I need it.

Here’s a short Modalert review/tale. Three months ago I could barely get out of bed. Now I’m holding down two jobs and even enjoying a social life again because I take Modalert every day. Modalert makes such a difference

My job is so boring, but now I can easily do double shifts and I work much better. In terms of a Modalert review, I’d say take it! My bank balance is much healthier now I can work longer hours.

I really wanted to treat my GF for our anniversary, which meant even more shifts at the factory. It was around this time I discovered Modalert. Now I work overtime at least once a week and can treat my girl all the time.

I’ve taken other stimulants without being hugely impressed, but I can only offer a positive Modalert review. My workload seems much more manageable now since taking it. Pure focus with Modalert

I don’t usually use stims but I had this one exam I was unprepared for so I took some Modalert. I can’t believe how easy studying became! I passed the exam with top marks.

Modalert Reviews, Ratings, Comments by Users

Modalert Reviews from Real Users

With the Internet being a major source for all things news, products information, and social, a review for anything can be found pretty easily. The best way to know the quality of a product would be to get the word from someone who isn’t invested with the product and will give you the good, the bad, and the ugly. With that being said, here are some Modalert reviews from some online forums focusing on medication. These reviews come from people who are suffering from fatigue whether it is from an illness like Rheumatoid Arthritis or Narcolepsy. The patients providing these reviews are taking anywhere from 200mg to 600mg once to twice a day as necessary.


After being diagnosed with RA at the age of 38, the fatigue caused by the illness was overwhelming. After beginning my prescription of Modalert I was able to function until late in the day without a nap. Modalert is definitely helping.

Fatigue was affected my focus at work and at home. I was originally prescribed to take one pill a day but found that taking half of a pill lessened the side effects for me and felt better overall.

I suffer from Narcolepsy and previously took Adderall XR to try and help keep me awake. After beginning to take Modalert, I no longer had the peaks and valleys during the day. I was able to stay awake throughout the entire day. I have been successfully taking 400mg once a day for 10 years.

Upon recently finishing medical school, I suffered from excessive exhaustion. Modalert helped me to stay awake so that I could study. I am always awake and alert during the day even though I was up all night. Although I have heard of headaches being a big side effect, I have not experienced any side effects.

After suffering from Hypersomnia for many years I started taking Modalert to help me with my sleep schedule. I was prescribed Modalert instead of Ritalin and it has worked wonderfully for me. I have not suffered from any of the listed side effects.

Modalert has helped me function due to the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. It has energized me where otherwise I have not been able to get out of bed. Instead of being left useless I am able to accomplish my daily activities with MS. The only side effect I have noticed is wakefulness at night when I would like to go to sleep.

I noticed that my energy level lowered over time and that made it hard to keep up with my three and four year old. I began taking one 100mg tablet daily and that was the perfect amount for me to keep up with my kids and get through the day. The medication did not make me jittery, but did increase my heart rate and gave me dry mouth.

Narcolepsy had me falling asleep all the time. I would recommend Modalert before any other drug. It kept me awake and alert during the day. Acne was a side effect that I had with the medication, but no dizziness, or racing heartbeat.

Please read all of the side effects of Modalert. There was on side effect that nearly cost me my life and out me in a coma. In layman’s terms I had extremely low blood pressure. This phenom happens in one and every fifty people. Thankfully due to the doctors I am still alive today. Please consult your physician before taking any new medication.

I started taking Modalert to help combat my Narcolepsy. Although it helped me be more alert during the day, I didn’t feel rested. Other side effects I experienced was loss of appetite and increased insomnia. I had to take a sleeping pill at night to go to actually go to sleep.

I suffered from fatigue and found that two doses a day was perfect for me. I would take a dose in the morning and by lunchtime would need another dose. I was taking 100mg each time. Sometimes I had a little nervousness and was jittery.

Modalert helped me with chronic fatigue. Some side effects I ran into were insomnia and nervousness. It definitely helped me stay awake during the day.

For the first time in years I was able to focus on school and work during the day. Before Modalert I was taking Ritalin for ADD. Modalert made it possible so that I could sit down and read a book. I suffered from small side effects like insomnia, and slight headaches. It did not feel like that I was taking a stimulant at all

I suffer from Bipolar disorder, depression, eating disorder, kidney stones and osteoporosis. Modalert helped me be more alert after having low fatigue due to my conditions. This medication has made it possible for me to drive again. Although this medication is not recommended for people with eating disorders it has helped me tremendously. The only side effect I have had to deal with is acne. I am no longer a blank, lifeless zombie.

Modalert Ratings and Comments

On a scale of 1-10 with ten being the best the rating for Modalert range. Most rating are right around the middle with six out of ten stars, and next would be all tens. Very few people rate Modalert lower than a five.

More Modalert Reviews

Daytime drowsiness plagued me, and Modalert helped combat that. Sometimes I have a racing sensation with my pulse.

Shiftwork insomnia kept me up at all times, but I could not deal with the side effects of flu like symptoms and severe headaches to truly enjoy the benefits of Modalert.

I took a sleep study due to chronic fatigue and the ability of fall asleep at a moments notice. It was discovered that I was suffering from Narcolepsy. Modalert changed my life. I was able to be alert during the day and not need a nap. Modalert saved my life.

My illnesses caused fatigue and changed my mood. Modalert helped me stay awake and acted as a mood enhancer for me. I had no side effects until I was 600mg.

I was constantly tired all day and had the feeling that I needed a nap. Modalert changed that forever for me. My quality of life was affected tremendously and I could not enjoy my friends before Modalert

I suffer from MS related fatigue and Modalert made it possible for me to work a full schedule during the day. It works for me in a 3-hour period so sometimes I take another dosage in the afternoon. The only side effect I see is the feeling jitteriness.

I used to have a hard time waking up in the morning, but Modalert changed that for me. Sometimes I need a nap during the day, but that is not the case anymore. By the time it is night time I am exhausted.

Working 12 hour shifts for 15 years made me unable to stay focused and alert at night when I needed it the most. Modalert made it possible for me to be alert at night while at work and I do not even have to drink coffee while at work now.

Prior to taking Modalert I was taking Adderall XR. I could not focus and had too much energy at work. Modalert balanced it all for me and my sleep apnea did not hinder me anymore. I did have a stomach trouble as a side effect, but it was not horrible and was worth it.

Modalert helped me stay focused during the day, sometime obsessive focus. On days that I know I need to focus, Modalert in low doses is perfect.

My depression and fatigue had taken over my life. Upon starting AA, Modalert helped me with my prior anxieties that had led to my substance abuse and helped me find the root of what was causing me to drink. Modalert helped save my life and has helped in my recovery process.

Narcolepsy had all but stopped my life, Modalert helped bring me back to life and I was able to accomplish a lot during the day. Adderall was not the answer for me.

My anxiety led me to Modalert. Even though I suffered some stomach issues, I’m not sure if mixing it with my other medication made me lose sleep but 100mg was a good dose for me.

Now I am able to stay awake while driving, be motivated during the day and go through an entire day without feeling drowsy. Modalert worked great for me.

Immediately on taking Modalert I felt focused and more alert. Shift disorder was no longer a problem for me.

My heart condition and neurological condition made me lose a lot of sleep. I have not felt any side effects. I have just started so I am excited for seeing how this medication helps me.

Modalert Reviews Summary

As you can see Modalert reviews from forums give you a great insight on what people are saying about Modalert. After making sure it is the right medication for you, Modalert can prove to be a lifesaver for you and get you back on your daily routine. Although some side effects are felt, the outcome outweighs them tremendously.

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