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Our Top Modafinil Affiliate Program is the highest converting Modafinil affiliate program! We offer top commissions in the market and lifetime cookie!

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There are many affiliate programs out there but only ours is the Top Modafinil Affiliate program. Our Modafinil online pharmacy conversion rate is consistently above 12% compared to average 5-10% in this business. This is because we provide the best prices for generic Modafinil online ($1.33 on average per 200mg tablet), quick 7-day express shipping to the U.S., and outstanding customer experience!
Attention Modafinil Affiliates! Join the Top Modafinil Affiliate Program

Attention Modafinil Affiliates! Join the Top Modafinil Affiliate Program

This unique opportunity is to simply place banner ads and links on your current website. As your links ( and banners are clicked by your visitors, they are sent to our Modafinil online pharmacy. The orders placed through your links will generate a generous commission that will be paid directly to you on a weekly basis. What makes us the best is that we offer a wide array of benefits to those who participate in our program including:

  • Top commissions in the market up to 50% (while BuyModa offers only 20%)
  • Additional resources and benefits are reserved for top performers.
  • Unique marketing tools to help drive traffic to your links and banners.
  • After bringing at least one sale, affiliates can claim a set of 50 free samples to take photos of unpacking our products and test out our delivery speed.

Program Details

Conversion Action Pay-Per-Sale Online purchase with a processed valid payment
Commission Type 29% – 50% Pay-Per-Sale for each sale you deliver
Payout Schedule Friday Payments are made weekly
Payout Requirements No No minimum balance required
Additional Terms Yes Commissions are being earned on net sales only (shipping charges are excluded)
Payment Methods For Users Located in the US Debit or Credit Card, e-Check (an additional 10% off), Bitcoin (an additional 20% off). These payments options are visible for end-users located in the United States only (detected by the user’s IP address)
Payout Options For Affiliates Located Worldwide Bitcoin (recommended, no fee), Wire transfer to your bank ($40 fee)
Cookie Duration Lifetime Sign up now!

See the benefits below that this top Modafinil affiliate program has to offer you.

About our Top Modafinil Affiliate Program

By now you have learned about affiliate marketing and how it helps not only webmasters to gain additional income but a low-cost option for companies as well. What makes ours the top Modafinil affiliate program is that not only do we offer some of the top commissions in the market, but we also offer benefits for top performers as well as various options on ways for you to market our product. Our products are of the highest quality making the chance of repeat business a very high probability. Here are just a few things that set our top Modafinil affiliate program apart from the rest:

  • Unbeatable high commission rates
  • Weekly payouts every Monday
  • Accepting multiple payment options for customers worldwide
  • Unique marketing tools

Weekly Payouts

Your money is important to you and to us. We know that you need your commissions in a timely and seamless fashion which is why we offer weekly payments, swift payouts, and various ways to receive your payments. We offer payouts through

  • Wire transfer to your bank ($40 fee)
  • Bitcoin (recommended, no fees)

In addition, we also offer ways for you to track not only your earnings but your customers as well. With our lifetime cookie tracking system, we provide you an easy-to-read graph that gives you an insight into what campaigns and banner ads have been working for you, what your customers are purchasing and how often they are coming back. With our top Modafinil Affiliate program, you will always be well aware of not only your current earnings, but how to increase your future earnings by targeting your target audience. See below for a few ways that we help you with your money:

  • 25%-50% commissions
  • Special private label that is only available to top performers
  • Specialized, unique ways to track your customers and income
  • Weekly, hassle-free payouts

Modafinil Affiliate Marketing

You know the only way that customers will click on your links is to create a type of banner that will catch their eye, bring in their attention and open their curiosity. Our Modafinil affiliate program provides you, our affiliate, with eye-catching banner ads and links that are completely customizable so you can adjust it to fit into your current website. Our proven system ensures that our marketing campaign will mean success for your affiliate program which, in turn, means success for us!


Top Modafinil Affiliate Program products

Our products are all approved by the FDA to be deemed as safe and effective as their name-brand counterparts.

A few benefits that our customers enjoy include:

  • Low-cost, generic medications
  • Confidential, shipped in unmarked packaging
  • The convenience of shopping from home
  • Easy to reorder
  • No prescription needed

Tracking and Statistics

Anyone who has been in business or marketing knows that one of the key elements that promote success is tracking your statistics. This means that you know where you customers come from, how much they spend, what they buy and how often they come back. With our program, you will be able to determine which links and banners are working, which ones are not and what you can tweak and change to bring in more traffic. Our easy to read graphs will help you to know your customers, their needs and which links and banners brought them to your affiliate site.

Best Modafinil Affiliate Program Stats & Tracking

Modafinil affiliate program support

Only the top Modafinil affiliate program will provide you with the training and support you need to succeed. Not only do we provide you with step-by-step directions in our welcome packet, but we are also always just a phone call away for any concerns or questions you may have.

Top Modafinil Affiliate Program Summary

  • The highest commissions in the industry – from 29% up to 50% on every order (shipping not included). Our competitor, BuyModa, offers only 20% commissions and higher prices;
  • You get fast, easy and steady payouts on a weekly basis (via wire transfer, ePayments or Bitcoin, every Monday);
  • Special terms for high-performing Modafinil affiliates;
  • No payments will be due or payable until an affiliate has earned at least $200.


  • Lifetime cookie tracking increases commissions from returning customers;
  • Average sale $180;
  • Customer Lifetime Value over $300 (2 orders);
  • The more you earn, the more you get! No limits!
  • No one can offer: Your commissions are unaffected by refunds or chargebacks!

Recommended products to promote:

Affiliate Commissions Table:

Total Earnings Commission Rate Avg Number of Refferals
$0 – $9,999 29% 1
$10,000 – $24,999 30% 123
$25,000 – $49,999 31% 297
$50,000 – $99,999 32% 574
$100,000 – $249,999 33% 1,111
$250,000 – $499,999 34% 2,380
$500,000 – $999,999 35% 4,166
$10,000,000 – $2,499,999 40% 83,000
$25,000,000+ 50% 150,000

Affiliate Tools:

  • Unique affiliate link (
  • Eye-catching banners for our bestsellers


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