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How to Buy Modafinil with Bitcoin

Learn how to buy Modafinil with Bitcoin in the U.S.
It’s as easy as sending an email.

Got Bitcoins

Now you can buy Modafinil with Bitcoin easily! Bitcoin is a relatively new form of currency, which is why many people don’t know of them or how to get them. Bitcoin exists exclusively online and is “mined” from the internet. They do not belong to any country, and thus their exchange rate does not fluctuate, and they are not susceptible to exchange rates when being used to purchase things. The value of Bitcoin, and the amount of uses for them, only continues to rise. They are a great method for purchasing products across countries, or for things that credit card companies typically block, such as generic drugs. So how can you buy Bitcoin? There are a number of ways, and purchasing them can be as easy as setting up a PayPal account.

Don’t be scared of high Bitcoin prices. You can purchase any amount of Bitcoin (even 0.0001 BTC) and spend it at Subway, at Expedia, on a new Tesla, and with us.

Try Coinbase if you wish to buy bitcoins. It’s great and fairly easy to use. Plus, I got a 20% discount even though I’ve never used bitcoin and didn’t have a wallet to open automatically. So, I had to copy/paste the transaction info manually in the browser. Worked perfectly and easily while payment was instant. This way, I could use my bank card with a third party, just like with PayPal, and not have to sweat while exposing my account to foreign processors. With the coupon code, the 20% discount, and free shipping, this kind of a deal cannot be found anywhere else. I do not usually write reviews, but if you are in a similar situation as I was, searching for the best place to buy goods that is not a scam and risk exposing your personal info, Coinbase is the one you should definitely choose.Doyle T.

The easiest and the fastest way to complete your order:

Bitcoin is 100% legal in the US for the online purchase of prescription drugs for personal use. It can be transferred instantly and securely between any two people in the world. Your hard work will be appreciated! We offer a special 20% discount when paying with Bitcoin.

  1. Proceed to Checkout and choose Bitcoin as your payment method. This will generate a custom invoice where you will be given the exact amount of Bitcoin that you must send to the specified address (our Wallet). A QR code contains the same information in order to make the payment process as easy as possible. An additional 20% discount applies automatically when you click the “Place Order” button. The discount will be included in the price displayed in BTC (Bitcoin).
  2. Send Bitcoin to our wallet manually by entering our Wallet address and the exact amount or simply scan the QR code with your smartphone (follow the instructions on the Checkout page).
  3. It’s as simple as that! And it works like PayPal.

Where to buy bitcoins?

Of course, if you are new to Bitcoin, then there is a very good chance that you do not own any! In this situation, you can spend real money to buy Bitcoin. For individuals in the United States, Coinbase allows users to buy Bitcoin directly from the app using their credit/debit card. It’s lightning-fast and easy:

  • go to Coinbase (Coinbase app is available for iOS & Android);
  • buy your first Bitcoin with your debit/credit card (instant, 3.99% fee);
  • send Bitcoin to our wallet by scanning the QR code on the Checkout page. In fact, it’s as simple as sending an email.

What are the benefits of Bitcoin for you?

You have complete control over your bitcoins because your account isn’t tied to any financial institutions. Bitcoin wallets cannot be seized or frozen nor can transactions be declined. Once you have learned the ropes, all future transactions become a breeze, and the payments remain safe and anonymous! Also, we offer our exclusive 20% discount when paying with bitcoin. Because we referred you, when you sign up and buy or sell $100 of bitcoin or more, you’ll also earn $10 of free bitcoin. Enjoy hassle-free online shopping!

As soon as we’ve received your payment, your order will be shipped, and you’ll get a tracking number (takes up to 72 hours).

With a credit card (Recommended) is a great service for purchasing Bitcoin via Credit Cards. All you need to do is make an account with them and pick a method of depositing money with their service. They accept credit cards or bank transfers from all over the world. Once you’ve deposited funds into your account, you can use that money to send or receive funds. Withdraw funds again at any time. The best thing about this service is that they don’t have fees at all for buying Bitcoin with a Credit Card.

Sign up with an email or phone number to pay and get paid instantly!



Android is one of the simplest credit card Bitcoin sites to buy from, and they accept Visa and MasterCard for purchases. One perk about their service is that they offer transfers from many foreign currencies, so you can buy Bitcoin with currencies other than US dollars, pounds, and euros. You can also sell Bitcoin through this service. is a site similar. It allows you to create an account, buy Bitcoin via a credit card or bank wire transfer, and store your Bitcoin online to use on future purchases. Note: this is not available in the US.

With a bank account

Services like,, and allow you to transfer money directly from a bank account to have it exchanged for Bitcoin. To do this, you generally only need your bank account and routing number, much like a wire transfer. There are more and more services and sites that offer this option to buy Bitcoin with a bank account. is one of the easiest ways to buy Bitcoin if you want to do so directly through a bank account. Much like PayPal, all you have to do is set up an account, and link it to a checking or savings account from your bank. Then you can deposit or withdraw money to convert into Bitcoin. They tend to have lower fees than when you purchase via a credit card, but it can take a few days for funds to transfer. is another popular site for buying Bitcoin via bank transfer. Their service is one of the easiest to use, and they do not ask for verification unless you want to purchase over a certain amount of Bitcoins. All you need to do is give your email address (so that they can send the Bitcoin) and provide a bank account number to pull funds from.

How to buy Bitcoin with cash, PayPal, Checks, Gift Card

Cash  is the best site for buying and selling Bitcoin via cash. This service allows you to buy or sell Bitcoin directly from people all over the world, via cash, credit, and bank transfer. It can take a few days for funds to transfer, but if you’re looking to buy Bitcoin directly from other traders, this is the best way to do so. Because you have the option to search people nearby selling Bitcoin, it is easier to pay in cash in person or via mail.

BitBrothers LLC, similarly, helps sellers and buyers connect so that they can make transactions via cash, check, or money transfer. Depending on the method you choose to use, these transfers can be completed in as little as an hour.

Bitcoin ATMs are one of the easiest ways to trade cash for Bitcoin. There are not many of them across the world, but there are some throughout North America. Like a regular ATM, they allow users to deposit or withdraw cash in exchange for Bitcoin. You may need to set up an account with the company that manages that ATM, but if there is one near you, it is an easy way to exchange money for Bitcoin.

Checks is a great site for purchasing Bitcoin using a personal check. You can order Bitcoins through them, then mail in a personal check and funds will be deposited to your account.


PayPal is notoriously known for making selling and buying Bitcoin difficult, but there is a way to do so. You can use the Virtual World Exchange to purchase Second Life Lindens, which can then be converted into Bitcoin. Though this method tends to have a higher transaction fee (about 6%), it is one of the fastest ways of transferring funds to purchase Bitcoin. It is also a somewhat safer method if you are more comfortable using PayPal than a credit card or bank account through another site.

Gift Card is one site that will allow you to purchase Bitcoin with Visa, MasterCard, Discover gift cards or PayPal. Purchasing through this method is fairly quick. This is also a method that can feel more secure than a wire transfer, as you buy the gift card first, which is from a trusted credit card company, and then use that card alone to purchase Bitcoin.

It is also important to note that depending on where you are in the world, there are different websites and services that can be used to buy and sell Bitcoin. They can be bought almost anywhere, but only through certain channels.

Bitcoin can be used for so many things, and are becoming an increasingly popular investment. With these newer methods making it easier to buy and sell Bitcoin, there’s no better time to stock up – and use them!

How to Buy Modafinil with Bitcoin | Online Pharmacy

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