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Modaheal 100 mg (New)

New generic Modafinil from India under Modaheal 100mg name by Healing Pharma.

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Buy Modaheal 100 mg Online


Modaheal 100 mg Cheap Price

The inability to sleep well brings a great discomfort to any person. Drowsiness, depression, weakness which are rise due to sleep disorders, interfere with work and active life.


According to statistics, at least 70 million adults in the US suffer from constant wakefulness. Their problems range from insomnia, daytime sleepiness to apnea in sleep and narcolepsy. Drowsiness in the daytime imposes a lot of restrictions – the inability to drive transport, perform work that requires concentration.


In narcolepsy, a person can fall asleep at any moment, so for him is dangerous to even go out by his own. Modaheal uses targeted on bringing such people back to normal life and fighting their diseases with success.


What Is Modaheal 100 mg?


Modaheal is the non-prescription generic of Modafinil, which is in no way inferior to the original, but is much cheaper. The well-promoted brand name makes Modafinil much more popular, but the quality of Modaheal is the same.


The drug refers to the so-called smart tablets, which are used to combat daytime sleepiness. Its “smart” action makes drowsiness disappear without excessive excitation of the nervous system. A person can take a pill in the morning, while its duration spend the day actively, and then come home and fall asleep. This is the main difference between Modaheal and other exciting and invigorating means which have caffeine in their composition. The need to use the drug must be confirmed by a doctor. This is a strong medicine, safe enough, but with own side effects. For this reason, it cannot be used often as a stimulant. Recreational use is prohibited, moreover, it is undesirable to take Modaheal every day in order to increase work capabilities and during study. Modaheal is manufactured in India according to the original’s recipe.


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Is It Safe?


Modaheal is a relatively safe nootropic psychostimulant, which can be used for non-medical purposes. It is approved by the FDA for the treatment of diseases such as daytime sleepiness, narcolepsy, sleep disorders (including those caused by SWSD), obstructive sleep apnea. Despite the fact that many people use the drug without doctor’s prescribing, in many countries is prohibited buying it over the counter. Also, Modaheal is considered as doping. Modaheal in most cases is well-tolerated. The absolute contraindications for use are:


  • intolerance to the components of the tablet;
  • presence of cardiovascular diseases;
  • cirrhosis of liver;
  • severe disruption of internal organs.


In the presence of any chronic diseases that require constant treatment, it is necessary to consult with a doctor. The safety of the drug also depends on the dosage, so it should be selected by a specialist too.


Modaheal Action


Appearance of a good moodModaheal’s mechanism of action, despite numerous studies, is still largely unclear. Like other psychostimulants, this study drug causes an increased release of monoamines (in particular, dopamine and catecholamines of norepinephrine). It does not oppress serotonin, so it can be used together with antidepressants. This medicine also increases the level of histamine of the hypothalamus.


Due to this feature, many physicians consider Modaheal as not an amphetamine-like stimulant, but rather a remedy for drowsiness. It can be taken as a short period, and for a long time. Research works of the drug showed that it rarely leads people to addition. Also, with a short-term use, Modaheal is not addictive and increase in dosage is necessary. The drug works mildly and does not cause the excessive nervous excitement, so the patient practically does not feel when its action begins to kick in, he just feeling better and more cheerful. Despite such a delicate effect, the medicine is not inferior in effectiveness to other psychostimulants.


How to Take Modaheal 100 mg?


Modaheal is usually taken daily 1 time per day. Since its action is last up to 12-15 hours, one intake is enough to get rid of daytime sleepiness. It is important not to take the pill in the afternoon or evening, because otherwise it will be very difficult to sleep at night. The standard dosage is 200 mg. Usually it is enough, but in some cases it can be increased to 400 mg per day.


Taking of smart drug

This is the maximum dosage that cannot be exceeded. It is important to remember that modafinil affects monoamines, and their release has own limitations. Therefore, increasing the dose will not bring the desired effect, but can lead to an overdose and the appearance of side effects.


Dosage should be adjusted individually. Despite the standard recommended dose, Modaheal 100 mg may be suitable for some people to fight daytime sleepiness. This is the low dose. Intake of the drug for a person who, according to the schedule, goes to the night shift work (after a long-time period of work in the daytime shift), should be such: pill use not in the morning, but in 1 hour before starting the work.


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Side Effects and Warnings


Despite the fact that Modaheal is considered to be relatively safe, it has side effects, among which there are some which pose dangers to human health. Usually, common side effects appear in the first 2 weeks of the drug use. If this did not happen, then probably there will be no negative symptoms. The most common side effects are:


  • headache;
  • backache;
  • nasal congestion;
  • diarrhea;
  • Modaheal side effectsnausea;
  • unreasonable anxiety;
  • indigestion;
  • insomnia;
  • hives.


To less often, but more dangerous effects are:


  • profuse skin rash;
  • severe allergic reactions that affect the liver and blood vessels;
  • blisters on the skin;
  • ulcers in the mouth;
  • body temperature increase;
  • swelling of the face, limbs and mucous membranes;
  • shortness of breath and swallowing;
  • darkening of urine;
  • yellowing of the eye proteins.


If you experience frequent side effects, you should immediately stop taking these pills. If there are any dangerous symptoms, you should immediately consult with a doctor.


With prolonged use of medication, the loss of appetite and weight may occur. People with reduced weight should take breaks in taking of Modaheal or choose another medicine. When taking Modaheal, it is not recommended to operate the equipment and perform work that requires special diligence.


Modaheal and Alcohol, Food and Other Drugs


Modaheal interactionsIt is known more than two and a half thousand medicines which are well combined with Modaheal (more than 500 types of medicines). This drug does not react with most medications. It is often used as supplement to the treatment of depressions, nervous disorders. Still, it has some not desirable interactions. In particular, when Modaheal combined with oral contraceptives, there are risks of unwanted pregnancy. Taking aphrodine along with Madaheal leads to tachycardia and increased blood pressure. If you are taking any medications, study the info about its use and consult with a doctor.


You can take the drug during meals and before/after. There are no specific contraindications to the food products. One of useful tips – it is best not to take this medicine on an empty stomach, because this will help to reduce the load on the internal organs. With alcohol, Modaheal cannot be combined.



How Does Modafinil Interact?

Reviews of Modaheal 100 mg


Modaheal is a new drug that has not gained wide popularity yet. Medicine showed good results in studies, has many benefits, can be bought OTC, fully legal. This is one of the latest medical developments based on modafinil. Modaheal is a drug that successfully treats sleep disorders, improves memory. Many people have already acquired the experience of using this drug and consider it very helpful. Reviews of these people prove the effectiveness of the drug.


These pills get to work quick – I blitzed my assignments in no time!

I was concerned that this stuff would keep me wired for days at a time, but I’ve had about seven hours’ sleep just one day after. Ideal, really.

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