How to Take Modafinil and How Long It Lasts?

How to Take Modafinil and How Long It Lasts?

If you’re ready to boost your cognition, improve your mood and energy levels, and wipe out fatigue, then you’re ready to start using Modafinil (brand name: Provigil), the brain supplement thousands of students and busy professionals take to enhance their academic and work performance.

How to Take Modafinil and How Long It Lasts?

Let’s start with how to take Modafinil. Modafinil has a biological half-life of 15 hours. That means once you take the drug, you will feel the effects for the next 15 hours.

Yet, as with any medication, there are certain considerations to keep in mind when taking Modafinil, such as how often you should take it, when to take it for the best effects, and how much you can take to achieve your best results.

How to Take Modafinil

Let’s start with how to take Modafinil. You take it by mouth, and it is best to take it in the morning, with or without food, unless your doctor tells you otherwise. If you want Modafinil to boost your energy levels for work, take it at least one hour before you are scheduled to start a shift, so the drug has enough time to take effect. Keep in mind if you take Modafinil with food, it may take longer to metabolize, so you may not feel the effects for approximately 45 minutes to an hour.

When to Take Modafinil for the Best Results

Since Modafinil is meant to boost your energy levels and help you perform at your best, then the best time to take it is either in the morning or an hour before you start work. Modafinil has a biological half-life of 15 hours, which means you will feel the drug’s effects for that amount of time once you take it, so you should only take Modafinil if you are planning to stay awake, and in peak performance, for at least 15 hours.

What Are the Effects of Modafinil?

As a nootropic or a cognitive-enhancing substance, Modafinil has been proven to improve wakefulness, mood, memory, and overall cognition in healthy patients. People who use Modafinil report:

  • feeling more alert, attentive, and more productive;
  • feeling smarter and more resourceful, working out problems in a matter of moments compared to days or months otherwise;
  • experiencing increased mental acuity;
  • feeling more vigilant and committed, seeing a project through to its completion;
  • experiencing decreased levels of “impulse response”, i.e., making bad decisions in the heat of the moment;
  • experiencing improved mood and outlook.

So whether they are students carrying heavy academic loads, professionals working 18-hour days, or those suffering from sleep or mood disorders, all find relief and improved performance with Modafinil.
How to Take Modafinil and How Long It Lasts?

Can I Take Modafinil with Food?

Yes, you can take Modafinil with food, but keep in mind the drug may not kick in for approximately 45 minutes to one hour after you take it. Therefore, if you want Modafinil to start working by the time you show up to work or to a study group, be sure to allot enough time for it by eating and taking the medication an hour beforehand.

And with Alcohol?

You should not take Modafinil with alcohol because both Modafinil and alcohol affect the neural pathways in your brain. To avoid a severe reaction, it is best to stay away from alcohol when you are taking Modafinil.

How Often Should I Take Modafinil?

Every Modafinil user is different. Some take the medication on a daily basis; some only take it when they need that extra boost. Your needs will determine how often you take it, but once you settle on a schedule, stick to it. If you’re going to take Modafinil every day, or take it for the long term, be sure to take it at the same time every time so your system remains in balance.

What Is the Recommended Dosage?

Modafinil often comes in 200mg tablets, so one tablet a day is the most common dose for a healthy adult. However, your doctor may prescribe a different dosage or some Modafinil users have tried splitting the dosage, taking 100mg in the morning and 100mg at mid-day. The best way to find the right dosage for you is to either talk to a doctor or try one 200mg tablet and pay careful attention to your body’s response.

What If I Forget to Take a Dose?

Forgetting a dose will happen, but what you do depends on when you remember. If you remember early enough, and you know that wakefulness for the next 15 hours isn’t an issue, then go ahead and take the dose for that day. If, however, you remember late in the day, or late in your shift, and taking a dose will throw off your normal sleep patterns, then skip the dose for that day and pick it back up the next.

What Are the Side Effects of Modafinil?

The reported side effects of Modafinil are very minimal. Most take the medication with no adverse reactions at all. However, side effects do exist, and depending on which, if any, you suffer will determine how you should respond.

Stop Taking and Talk with a Doctor  Seek Immediate Medical Attention
Back pain Allergic reactions, like a rash, hives, or difficulty breathing
Diarrhea Chest tightness
Dizziness Mouth or throat swelling
Headache Fever, chills, or a sore throat
Nausea Confusion
Nervousness Mental or mood changes
Runny nose Symptoms of heart problems, kidney problems, or liver problems
Trouble sleeping Unusual bruising or bleeding

How Long Does Modafinil Last?

Modafinil has a biological half-life of 15 hours. That means once you take the drug, you will feel the effects for the next 15 hours, give or take a bit depending on your health and metabolism. Because of this long duration of action, it is important to carefully schedule when you take Modafinil so you aren’t causing disruptions to your sleep patterns.

How Long Does Modafinil Stay in Your System?

Certain long-term effects of Modafinil are still not known, such as how long the drug stays in your system (beyond the 15-hour half-life experienced from a single dose), whether it is possible to develop an addiction, and if there are any adverse cognitive effects from long-term use (such as an increase in the rapidity of cognitive decay).

There are no known cases of adverse long-term effects, but since it is still unclear exactly how Modafinil works, doctors are cautious in saying the drug has no long term effects at all. That said, doctors and pharmaceutical researchers will say it is difficult to pinpoint exactly how long Modafinil stays in your system if you are a regular user and you stop taking it. The most they can tell you is “it depends.”

What is known, though, is that few users have reported suffering withdrawal symptoms if they stop taking Modafinil except for increased daytime sleepiness for a few days following their last dose. Other users, especially those who take Modafinil sporadically, report feeling no side effects or withdrawal symptoms at all.

Why Should I Take Modafinil?

Because we live in a world that expects more, more, more from us all the time. And if you want to be at your best, ready to rise to the challenges of 21st-century life, and raring to succeed in today’s fast-paced, cutthroat, competitive workplace, then Modafinil is that extra boost you’ll need to do it. So, are you ready to become the best you? Try our free Modafinil samples!