ModafinilXL and How Our Shipping Is Affected by COVID-19 🦠

First of all, let me say that I hope everyone is ok and taking the recommend preventative measures to ensure you continue to be safe.

Secondly, as you already know, all businesses across the world are affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

India & Singapore Lockdown Until April, 15th

Our products are manufactured in India and either sent to Singapore for shipping or sent directly from India as a fallback plan. Both these countries are currently on a lockdown for the next 14 days until April 15th. This means there will be a 3-4 week delay in shipping (dispatching) orders.

These delays are inevitable. Please understand this and we apologize. This situation is new for everyone in the world and unfortunately, we are all affected in one way or another.

Expected Delivery: Beginning of May

This means that you can expect a 3-week delay in dispatching of your order, worldwide as India and Singapore have suspended postal operations until 15th April.

This means that all orders which have not been processed will currently be held and only processed after this date if/when operations resume. You should expect your shipment to arrive in the beginning of May.

Please be easy on our support agents as there is nothing they can do. Prepare for the delays and keep an eye on tracking updates.

While all other countries are minimally impacted for now, there might be changes in the coming days such as reduced international flights and logistics manpower, which might lead to delivery delays.

Please bear with us. This situation is unprecedented for everyone and we assure you we are doing our best to get the logistics optimized.

This Affects All Online Pharmacies, Not Just ModafinilXL

All vendors (and any e-commerce site online) will be experiencing these delays. We are in a strong position to ensure things stay as normal as possible.

Stay Safe,


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