Does Kava Make You High?

Does Kava Make You High?

Does Kava Make You High?

Kava is an herbal medicine that is used by many people for relaxation, better concentration and feeling of cheerfulness. Is it safe? Is it worth replacing it with pharmacy drugs or is it better to trust in forces of nature? Read our article and find out all about it!

There is evidence that this drink can help in stress relief, restoring peace of mind and giving calmness. Does Kava really have such benefits? Let’s clarify it in detail.

What Is Kava?

Kava is a beverage (or another form of food supplement), which is made from the roots of the plant Kava Kava. What is Kava? In the USA it is more well-known as Piper methysticum. In our country, this plant became popular not so long ago, but on its original land, it has been used for relaxation purposes for many centuries. For example, on the Fiji islands, guests are always welcomed with a cup of this drink. This is almost the same social gesture as in European countries where a guest is treated to a glass of wine. In Europe, Kava has also become popular as a relaxing drink.

Does Kava Make You High?

Kava can be used in form of drink, pills, or powder. This supplement will help not only to deal with stress, but also a certain dosage can cause a feeling similar to alcohol intoxication, and this effect has the definition as “Kava Kava high.” However, despite the sameness, the effect of this plant is significantly different from the influence of alcohol, because it stimulates some mental activity, but does not have the side effects of alcohol. Is Kava safe and in what cases it is used?

Kava Uses

KavaKava is used both as a relaxation drink and for medical purposes. Studies have shown that this substance reduces feelings of anxiety and danger. It also lowers sensitivity to pain and helps in relieving muscle tension. In view of this, the uses of this substance are rather popular.

The Natural Medicines Database says that Kava helps to reduce seizures in people with epilepsy, and also makes those seizures rarer. It invigorates like coffee, but has fewer side effects. Also, this substance can alleviate such diseases as:

In addition, Kava is used to relieve menstrual pain, as well as to reduce the inflammatory process in the urogenital system. It is important to remember that this herb is not approved by the FDA, but it is often used in traditional medicine. In any case, before using Kava, it is advisable to consult with a doctor. Also, do not replace your other medication, which was prescribed by a specialist, with Kava. Self-treatment and non-observance of precautions can seriously damage your health.

Does Kava Get You High?

EuphoriaOften the use of a plant extract not prescribed by a specialist can cause intoxication, which is similar to alcohol poisoning. This is especially dangerous for people who have a low weight. Also, the excessive dosage of such plant can cause tongue numbness.

Kava will make you high for recreational use. Most people who used this product at a reasonable dosage noted an uplifting of spirit, which happens when you use a small amount of alcohol. A lot of them also noted the effects of mild euphoria, improved communication skills, and disappearance of fears. However, the improper use of Kava makes a person very calm and relaxed. Also, the overdose of Piper methysticum makes most people feel a hangover the next day.

Kava Kava Dangers

As for the safe use of Kava not for medical purposes, it is difficult to estimate the optimal dosage. Therefore, each person who decides to use Kava needs to select a dosage individually. The drugs available for sale contain from 250 to 500 mg of the active substance, therefore customers have a large range of suitable dose selection.

It is important to remember that continuousΒ usage of Kava, especially in large quantities, can cause significant harm to the body. A lot of people describe it as a hangover. If you observe something similar, then you need to take a break, or reduce the dosage. In case of any health problems or if you are not sure about the right choice of dosage, be sure to talk with your doctor before using Kava. The doctor will take into account your weight, sex, age, and body condition, thus will be able to give appropriate advice.

The drug should not be taken by people with liver diseases, or pregnant and lactating women.

If you decide to use Kava, then be careful when driving a car or doing something which requires concentration of attention. This is an important point, as in addition to euphoria, the root extract can cause drowsiness and in a stressful situation it can lead to grave danger. Kava does not always invigorate, like coffee, and sometimes it can give a completely opposite effect.

Alternatives of Kava

DiscountKava is similar in action to Nuvigil, a drug that can cheer and improve mood without excessive stimulation of the nervous system. However, unlike the extract of Piper methysticum root, Nuvigil has a clear dosage with instant action, which makes its effect more predictable. Are there alternatives to Nuvigil and Kava, which can be obtained without a prescription and at a good price? Yes, these are popular and safe Modaheal 200 mg and Modalert modafinil-based products, which are approved by the FDA. They stimulate the central nervous system, but not too excessively. They are somewhat similar to amphetamine-containing drugs, but are not addictive.

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