Noopept review for beginners: how to use this nootropic

Noopept Review for Beginners: How to Use This Nootropic

Noopept Review for Beginners: How to Use This Nootropic

Noopept is a new drug of Russian origin which is characterized by high efficiency and speed of action. From this article, you will learn about the main advantages of Noopept, as well as the features, contraindications, side effects, and recommendations for use.

Nootropics are special medicines, which are also called “smart tablets.” They improve brain function and memory, help concentrationย and staying focused. Also, nootropics are often prescribed to people with craniocerebral injuries, concussions, and for faster recovery after a stroke. Also, these “smart pills” are effective in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Nootropics are of different kinds for various purposes and effects. Some of them are used only for medicinal purposes, and some for recreation, which leads to increased effectiveness of mental work.

Noopept is a drug which was developed by the Russian Institute of Pharmacology in 1992. This drug showed excellent results in increasing brain performance, learning ability, and memory.

Brief Information About Noopept

What is Noopept? This is a high-quality dipeptide medication that consists of two active components: vasopressin-peptide and Piracetam. This combination makes Noopept very effective even during oral use, and many pharmacokinetic studies asserted that this drug has higher bioavailability to the brain.

Noopept contains N-Phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester. This substance is a more effective analog of Piracetam, created synthetically. Unlike its counterpart, Noopept begins to work at a very small dosage. Thus, the action of 15-30 mg of Noopept is identical to the action of 4800 mg of Piracetam. Studies show that the drug also has a neuroprotective effect. Pharmacists have not yet specified what determines such an action.

Noopept review for beginners: how to use this nootropic

How Does It Work?

In order to understand when it is appropriate to take Noopept, you need to know the mechanism of its action. This process is rather complicated. Unlike many nootropics, this drug not only improves blood circulation in the brain but also affects the synaptic structure. The active components of the drug have a selective anxiolytic and antiamnesic effect. Noopept improves memory significantly and makes it possible to work effectively with large amounts of information. Neuroprotective qualities, which have already been mentioned above, are usually seen in people whose brains have suffered some damage.

In healthy people, this effect may be subtle. Studies have shown that the drug is very effective, but its effect is highly individual: one person might not notice any significant changes, and another will experience good improvement of brain work.

The main activities of Noopept are such:

  • blocking of voltage-dependent potassium and calcium channels;
  • activation of internal antioxidant systems of the body;
  • reducing the release of glutamate;
  • anti-inflammatory action.

Noopept increases the production of antibodies to beta-amyloid. This substance contributes to the development of Alzheimer’s disease, and causes the massive death of neurons by poisoning them. Also, the drug increases the amount of oxygen in the brain, which significantly stimulates and improves the work of the organ.

Noopept Positive Effect

Noopept is a unique nootropic, which acts very quickly. The positive effect is felt 15-20 minutes after taking the pill. What will it bring? Much depends on the purpose for which you are taking this medication: either for treating a disease or for wanting to stimulate your mental activity and improve memory.

Do not expect a rapid stimulating effect from Noopept as there is from Modafinil, Modalert, Nuvigil, and other similar nootropics. This medicine works differently, but its effectiveness, when used correctly, is very high, and the results sometimes surpass all expectations.

Improves Learning and Memory Ability

BrainNoopept, like many nootropics, significantly improves abilities to learn and positively affects memory. Its effect on memory is similar to Piracetam but much more intense. The medicine improves the brain’s work and increases reaction, and thanks to this a person can better operate with one’s memory.

Therefore, it makes it possible to easily operate with large amounts of information, and to remember exactly what is needed at the right time. This includes even fleeting information โ€“ places, dates, lyrics, etc.

It is worth noting that this drug does not work instantly. The best effects on memory and learning are observed with regular use, but even one-time intake will help to increase brain productivity.

Increases NGF and BDNF Levels

Earlier there was an opinion that nerve cells do not recover, but now it is proven that this is not so. Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) is a special kind of protein in the human body. It promotes the growth of new nerve cells, ensuring their proper functioning and survival. The brain is composed of neurons, so NGF is essential for its proper functioning. Noopept increases the amount of NGF in the human brain, and that provides a rapid recovery of the number of neurons.

New neurons grow viable and functional, significantly increasing brain work. This is especially manifested inย people who have brain damage since the drug helps them to recover much faster.

NGF is not the only protein that is responsible for neurogenesis. The Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) has the same role, but it has a narrower specialization. BDNF is responsible for neurons, the main task of which is memory, both short-term and long-term. The more of this protein, the better is a person’s memory.

The increase of NGF and BDNF levels is the main thing on which the improvement and restoration of brain function are based, as well as a significant enhancement in memorizing abilities.

Provides Neuroprotective Effect

SleepThe destruction of neurons is a problem that people face all their lives. Other than serious illnesses and injuries, even just various stresses, lack of sleep, and bad habits destroy the nerve cells. Noopept slows down the oxidative processes in the brain, making nerve cells more resistant to negative effects.

For people with cognitive disorders, the regular use of nootropics helps not only to stop the progress of the disease but also to improve one’s condition. Moreover, in the case of brain injury, Noopept helps to avoid the mass death of neurons.

Noopept reduces the damage taken by the nervous system during hard mental work, night shifts, and a chronic lack of sleep.

Stimulates Brain Hemispheres

The left and right hemispheres of the human brain have their various functions that relate to different areas. Nootropics improve brain function, and activate the synthesis of ideas, stimuli, and memories, thus theย hemispheres start to work much better. As a result, a person receives not only better memory and higher productivity, but also enhanced reactions in many other areas. People who took Noopept said that after taking the drug their lives began to change for the better. The correct functioning of the brain always leads to improvement in the quality of life. Of course, such an effect can appear only if the drug is used for a long time.

Noopept Negative Effect and Contradictions

HeadacheGenerally, Noopept is well-tolerated if you don’t have contraindications and use it properly, but sometimes side effects occur. Headache is the most common inconvenience you can feel caused by the negative influence of this drug. Usually, this trouble is associated with a lack of choline in the body. To eliminate a headache, it is recommended to take choline as a supplement or eat foods rich in this substance such as: nuts, fish, liver, and eggs. Rare side effects include allergic reaction and dizziness.

Sometimes, Noopept can cause highย blood pressure. This is not critical for healthy people, but those who suffer from hypertension should take this medicine only after consulting with a doctor.

Irritability is also one of nootropicโ€™s side effects. Often it goes away after you reduce the dosage. If this side effect exceeds the benefits of the drug, then nootropics should be stopped.

Occasionally, side effects occur because of Noopept misuse. So, patients often complain of insomnia and excessive agitation of the psyche. As practice shows, such problems arise when a person takes the medicine not in the morning, but in the evening. Due to the fact that Noopept acts for a long time, its effect still remains at night. You should take the tablets only in the morning, so they can cease their action by nightfall.

Noopept rarely causes side effects, as it is able to rapidly metabolize to substances that are produced by the human body. This explains its low toxicity and very good tolerability. The low toxicity of Noopept is provided by its high therapeutic index. The therapeutic index refers to the ratio between a dose that gives a good effect and a dose that causes death. The larger the index, the safer the drug. For Noopept, the therapeutic index is 10,000. For comparison, the weaker analog of this nootropic Piracetam has a therapeutic index of 60. This means that Noopept can be used for a long time.

Absolute contraindications include:

  • liver and kidney dysfunction;
  • minors younger 18 years of age;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • hypersensitivity to one of the drug components.

If you have any chronic illnesses, tell your doctor about your intention to buy Noopept.

How to Take It?


Noopept is available in tablets, as this is the most popular form of all drugs. The tablet should be taken with a sufficient amount of water. If you stick to standard daily biological rhythms, then it should be taken in the morning, and no later than 6 pm, otherwise, you may have trouble sleeping.

The drug works very quickly, but if you need to speed up the action of nootropic, you can take it sublingually. Also, Noopept is available in the form of a spray or nasal drops. In addition, the drug has the form of a powder, which can be diluted with saline solution in order to be used nasally. This form is convenient for its economy and faster action. However, these options are better for people who already know well which dosage is suitable for them and can correctly calculate it.

The correct choice of the dosage is a pledge to the drug’s high efficiency. In addition, you can be sure that using the medicine is safe for your health. How to take Noopept if you are using this medication for the first time? The standard dosage, which is suitable for the vast majority of people, is 20 mg. The tablet can be taken only in the morning or you can take 20 mg of Noopept in the morning, and another 20 mg in the middle of the day. It is also acceptable to take 40 mg of medication in the morning if you need a more powerful effect. These dosages and their use are suitable for healthy people. In case of Alzheimer’s disease, cognitive disorders, and brain traumas, the dosage and the regimen must be prescribed by a doctor individually.

Noopept begins to work at its first use, but the best effect will be achieved with prolonged and regular use. The optimal course is between one and a half to three months. If necessary, you can repeat it after a short break.

If you have not taken nootropics before and do not know how your body reacts to them, start with 5 mg Noopept three times a day (but the last use should be no later than 6 p.m.). If taking the medicine three times a day is good for you, then you can increase the dosage of one dose to 10-30 mg. Under no circumstances should you exceed the dosage of 20 mg per each use (60 mg per day). Overdose can lead to excessive stimulation of glutamate receptors and a high likelihood of side effect occurrence.

Ideal Noopept Stacks for Beginners

NootropicsSome intellectuals and athletes combine Noopept with other nootropics and medications to achieve a stronger and more pronounced effect. This is a fairly safe practice when following all the precautions, but if you are taking this medication for the first time, do not combine it with other medications. First, you need to evaluate the impact of Noopept on the body, and then supplement it, if necessary. Let’s look at the most effective and popular combinations of Noopept with other drugs.

  1. With Piracetam and Alpha GPC. This combination allows not only to improve the work of the brain but also to get rid of headaches. Piracetam and Noopept work on different neurotransmitters, so their combination gives a double effect in improving memory and attention. For optimal results, it is recommended to take 300 mg of Alpha GPC, 10 mg of Noopept, and 2 g of Piracetam once or twice a day.
  2. With huperzine A and choline. The herbal compound huperzine A is a very strong inhibitor of acetylcholinesterase, so acetylcholine remains active for longer. Noopept in combination with such substances is more active and effective. The dosage of huperzine A, which does not exceed 50 mcg , is considered safe and acceptable.
  3. With CDP choline, sulbutiamine, and aniracetam. In combination with these substances, Noopept increases mood, eliminates anxiety, and causes a slight sense of euphoria. At the same time, this relaxing effect is successfully combined with the enhancement of cognitive functions. The optimal proportions are 300 mg of Sulbutiamine, 10 mg of Noopept, 300 mg of Alpha GPC, and 1g of Aniracetam.
  4. With L-Theanine and caffeine. This combination will be useful for people who are engaged in sports. It will enhance the effectiveness of training and increase the productivity of physical activity.
  5. With alcohol. Noopept is undesirable to combine with ethyl alcohol, but this drug can be a good helper to deal with hangovers. Noopept helps to restore damaged nerve cells faster, eliminates headache, and helps return clarity of mind.
  6. With Phenibut. Phenibut is a drug that provides an anti-anxiety, relaxing, and socializing effect. In combination with Noopept, it creates a feeling of euphoria and calm, and also improves mood.
  7. With Choline Bitartrate. In combination with Noopept, choline improves cognitive function and exerts a beneficial effect on memory. It also helps to stabilize mood, increase the concentration of attention, and eliminate headache. The recommended daily dosage of choline is 250-1000 mg.

Where to Buy Noopept and Its Analogs?

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