Nootropics help to unlock your brain potential

Nootropics Help to Unlock Your Brain Potential

Nootropics Help to Unlock Your Brain Potential

Smart drugs β€” what are they? Why do so many people believe that medications can help them to change their capacities to work, study, or exercise? Can a person gain additional stamina, concentration, and vigilance with a help of a pill? It seems that the answer is β€œyes.”

What nation does not have legends where a wizard cooks a magic potion that helps a hero to battle an evil dragon or outwit a wicked king? You will not find such country.

Asterix and Obelix became incredibly faster and stronger after a sip of a druid brew, and fought Romans legions to defend their Gaulish motherland. Ceridwen, a medieval Welsh sorceress, made an elixir of wisdom for her son Morfan. In a modern science fiction, people still do not lose the hope of finding some fantastic approach to go beyond the natural bounds of our body and mind. It could be cyborgs, mutants, or placing a human’s mind inside a machine, to name but a few.

This science is a human method to make legends come true. People can have iron hands and legs, they can make artificial hearts and, who knows, maybe soon we will be able to transplant a brain from one person to another. But what about our knowledge and learning abilities? Are there any miracle way to improve them?

Nootropics help to unlock your brain potential

How the Drugs Can Be Smart

Yes, not very long ago, it came true! In the latter half of the XX century, pharmacists invented a series of medications that stimulated brain functioning, elevated mood and energy, and helped people to fight fatigue and sleepiness. The first ones were Ritalin, also known as methylphenidate, and piracetam, which was sold under many trade names in many countries: Nootropil in Europe and the USA, Piracetam in the countries of the former USSR, Noostan in Latin America, and many others. Though they represent one family of drugs and their effects are roughly the same, these medications belong to different types of chemical substances.

In general, all nootropics can be divided into several groups:

  • racetams. Piracetam was the first of this kind. Some of the other well-known medications from the racetam family are aniracetam and oxiracetam. These medications increase the blood supply and oxygenation of the brain, thus improving its performance;
  • drugs, which contain substituted phenethylamine, or methylphenidate, e.g. Concerta, Methylin, Equasym, Ritalin, etc. These pills stimulate the central neural system, improving memory, intellectual capacities, and self-control;
  • eugeroics, or wakefulness-promoting agents, like Olmifon, Provigil, and Nuvigil. Legally, they are prescribed for sleepiness disorders, but many people use them off-label to help with studies and workload;
  • amphetamines, represented by such medications as Adderall XR or Mydayis, are the popular brain-boosting drugs that are widely used in the army and in sports, as well as by students and office workers to increase power, motivation, concentration, and attention.


We cannot help but mention the natural nootropics: caffeine and nicotine. Yes, do not be surprised. Though smoking is not healthy or useful by any means, according to recent research, the stimulation of nicotinic receptors enhances alertness, as well as advances orientation and motor functions.

All nootropics differ in their mechanism of action, but have one common feature. They influence brain chemistry and increase the level of neurotransmitters β€” dopamine, noradrenaline, acetylcholine, etc. They help neurons to communicate with each other and with our bodies. If the signaling goes properly, our brain and muscles show 100% of their effectiveness.

Firstly, nootropics were indicated for various clinical conditions, from psychiatric diseases to sleepiness disorders. Usually, these preparations are strictly regulated drugs, as the medical administrations want to be doubly sure about their safety. Nevertheless, brain stimulants gained high popularity among healthy people very soon after they were introduced to the market. Users discovered their magical powers and nowadays the off-label usages are no less popular than the licensed ones.

Who Needs Medications to Update Their Skills?

Not just usual people understand that nootropics can provide advantages in doing professional and educational tasks. The military leaders of the USA, Great Britain, Canada, France, and other countries have been officially using amphetamine, and later modafinil (Provigil is its brand name), for many years. Along with elevated physical performance, this medicinal product provides additional vigilance, alertness, as well as helps to battle sleep deprivation and fatigue. Modafinil even found an application in space exploration. Anti-doping agencies acknowledged most nootropics as banned drugs, and not only because they give additional muscle power and endurance. Concentration, the ability to make the right decision, and motivation are also very important factors in sports.

We have gotten used to the thought that to stay awake and alert for a long time, for example, when preparing for exams, a student drinks gallons of coffee. Well, those times have passed by, since students found out about the wonder drugs. Professors at Oxford and Cambridge raised the alarm: college students massively use amphetamines and modafinil. Some say that almost 25% of them take smart drugs. Studying, as well as working in the professional life, is a competition, and nootropics help people to be smarter, faster, more focused, and more enduring than others.


Is it fair, you may ask? If it is forbidden in sports, maybe it would be a sound solution to forbid them altogether? Progress cannot stay still, and once we have a safe and effective remedy β€” we have to use it. Modafinil does not contain memory, cognitive capacities, or creativity in a tablet; it just opens the hidden abilities of your body. One pill of Provigil releases 10 percent more of your memory, which you simply do not use, helping you to employ your own inactive attention, energy, vigilance, and life vigor.

This is why it has gained great popularity among financial and political experts, night shift workers, doctors, drivers, and representatives of many other professions. The world-wide famous bloggers and businessmen Tim Ferris and Dave Asprey recommend their followers to substitute a cup of morning coffee with 30-50 mg of modafinil, as it causes less adverse reactions and is more effective to wake them up in the morning and to boost their mind for efficient and bright work.

The Future

There is a branch of science called transhumanism that searches for ways to increase the intellect and update the physiology of humans. They believe that our body conceals a huge potential that we do not use, and the new remedies and emerging technologies can help people to release them. If transhumanists are right, soon our scientists will take pills to come up with revolutionary inventions, and our soldiers will get injections to see further, memorize better, and react faster. It will not be a problem for a surgeon to operate for many hours, and pilots will not get tired or distracted during transatlantic flights. Needless to say, we clearly see the signs of this future right now. Competition is growing every day, as there is no sphere in people’s life where we do not compete with each other. The student who assimilates learning material and manipulates the information better gets higher marks. The worker who evaluates the situation and makes decisions faster and more effectively makes a better career.

Taking of smart drug

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