17 reasons to get rid of sleep deprivation

17 Reasons to Get Rid of Sleep Deprivation

17 Reasons to Get Rid of Sleep Deprivation

Do you suffer from durable sleep loss? Do you know what will happen in the future for this reason? You might not want to have such consequences! Read more to find out the reasons why you should be more careful with your sleep.

The most common problem with health is insomnia which usually affects the body seriously. Here is the list of results which can be prevented by proper treatment in an efficient and timely manner.

Lack of Sleep: How Dangerous Is It?

The average time of sleep varies in adults and children; however, there is a necessary minimum for both.

Speaking about adults, the minimum quantity of hours are between seven and nine. Thus, having a good night and relaxing makes people fresh and ready for new challenges. Nevertheless, if a person has a lack of sleeping hours negative results may appear: harshness, headache, and dizziness, and if it becomes chronic, deprivation will cause more severe consequences and raise the risks of heart attack, mental illness, and sometimes, death.

Besides those disadvantages, lots of cars, ships, and, even air crashes are results of human sleep loss. These cases are hazards. Even an accident can occur at work, what happens while workers are tired and don’t control their bodies well.

However, the manifestation of sleep loss varies from person to person. This means that some can work non-stop for 24 hours, and they stay wide awake, while others can’t continue their speech without yawning.

Problems of Respiratory System

When somebody has a simple sickness, e.g. cold, which usually is accompanied by fever, the best way of treatment, besides medication, is rest. Thus, when the sleep is always disturbed or broken up, it’s quite difficult to recover quickly, and some symptoms even progress. This can lead to serious side effects.

17 reasons to get rid of sleep deprivation

For instance, lungs are vulnerable after continuously ignoring a cough and chest pain. And if the treatment was performed with poor quality, in combination with sleep deprivation and incompetent immune system, the patient lives close to the flame.

Loss of Sexual Appetite

As is known, sleeping accumulates energy for the human body for the whole day. And vice versa, if there was not enough rest at night, exhaustion consumes all the strength. In addition, it triggers stress which makes sexual desire disappear. But what’s the relation between insomnia and sexual inability?

In fact, sudden awakenings during the night when it seems you are drowning and there is not enough air (for short – apnea), are signs of low levels of male hormones – testosterone. Thus, that’s where sexual slump comes from. In some cases, men are not able to sustain an erection.

For sure, you want to prevent such negative consequences, so you should see your doctor immediately! But remember about physical activity, which might also guarantee you to stay healthy during your life.


DepressionDepression is a widely spread disease all over the world; it impacts your daily life and makes it tougher. But what if you found out that sleep deprivation is the main reason for depression. Usually, insomnia occurs without a restorative effect, thus the brain activity lowers and oppress its normal functioning, and there often appear feelings such as sudden sadness, guilt, etc.

Still, insomnia also causes lots of psychological problems, such as anxiety, psychosis etc., which lowers the rate of your well-being. That is why it’s very important to allot enough time for better sleeping rather than staying up all night.

Immune System

The immune system is the guardian of your health. If something goes wrong with it, the risk of injuring your body via external viruses or bacteria is really high. It is open to any conceivable infection. As you might have guessed, the obvious thing depleting immune system is sleep loss. Furthermore, the diseases will become more prolonged since the most vital healing effect is performed during sleep. The proven treatment for it is rest at night.

Memory Problems

Sleep deficiency is a well-known cognitive depressor, and because of that, brain functions become insufficient. The impact on memory is crucial as well: according to the research done at Missouri State University’s Center, REM (rapid eye movement) helps to retain memory records in our brain which were collected during the day. Thus, disrupted sleep lowers the ability to memorize.

However, don’t be upset, you can easily solve these issues by yourself!

Risk of Accidents

Sleepiness acts as a great disturbance for people. When several mugs of coffee do not affect you anymore, the dangers of sleep disruption reach an extreme point.

Can you die from an absence of relaxation? There is no direct relationship between fatigue and death, however, having fatigue while you are driving a car, or being at a job which requires significant concentration, e.g. a sawmill, can cause accidents, which may lead to death.

If you want to stay healthy and alive, don’t neglect your body signs; you should listen and take appropriate measures immediately.

Concentration and Learning

ConcentrationHow often did you have to concentrate all your thoughts on a particular task after a sleepless night? Your mind becomes obstructed with the inability to formulate your ideas. If you are familiar with such a case, you must fail all those opportunities to get involved, otherwise, you must be a superhero.

The cognitive functions are the first which suffer from the lack of sleep. It also hurts vital abilities such as attention, problem solving, and causal linking. The same happens with learning, which means that children must be kept off neglecting their daily regime. For detailed information read an article about problems with studying and concentration.

Weight Changes

Lots of scientific studies have proven the interrelation between sleep loss and weight gain. Millions of people try to get rid of hated extra pounds, but all of them ignore such an obvious thing. So what’s this relation about?

The point is that sleep helps us to keep a normal appetite under control, and in turn, the appetite is triggered by peptides. Thus, sleep controls the production of peptides as well. Inadequate sleep also increases the levels of the hormone ghrelin, which causes hunger, and simultaneously, the hormone leptin, which is in charge of appetite restrain, lowers. In some cases, these processes, unfortunately, can lead to obesity.

Thus, some scientists insist on including a normal sleeping regime into programs of fighting against excessive weight.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, care about yourselves and always mind your night’s rest!

Bad Mood

Associated with morning irritation, bad mood becomes one of the most common sleep deprivation effects. Don’t know how to solve this problem? There is a very easy way to do this in a short-term period – change your lifestyle and reconsider your life habits, try to sleep from seven to nine hours a day, and with a probability of 99%, you’ll become much happier in the mornings.

Stress Level

StressLots of young parents are familiar with sleepless nights, as well as those people who have snoring partners. Their disrupted nights lead to nothing but high levels of stress. As is known, stress is a reason for lots of diseases and complications with human health. Don’t be self-deluded by an illusory upswing after a night deprived of sleep—it is usually followed by sleepiness and chronic exhaustion.

Risk of Death

As was mentioned above, there is no direct link with death and sleep deprivation. However, a disrupted dream can be a cause for numerous long-term illnesses which cause consequences incompatible with life.

Harvard University published reports of studies where 15% of deaths were related to such cases.

Heart Diseases

As peculiar as it may sound, a sudden sleep break caused by snoring (to be more precise – apnea) is a sign of huge problems with heart. Particularly, the first symptoms of heart palpitations are exactly the same. If they are ignored in the long-term, in the future, you might have a stroke. Visit you doctor regularly, and if you have some disturbances, schedule an appointment immediately!

Poor Coordination

As is known, sleep loss hurts the mental abilities first. There may appear some unpleasant symptoms such as vertigo, nausea, a little lightheadedness, and in some extreme cases, even hallucinations, insanity, and some behavioral and emotional problems. Balancing daily duties and allotting the proper time for sleeping will set the record straight.

Growth Retardation

Unfortunately, statistics show that children can become the victims of the consequences of sleep loss, as well. Children are subject to fetal or early childhood issues growth which are caused by lack of sleep in both parents and children. The US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health have observed intrauterine retardation of growth depending on the parent’s model of sleeping. Thus, parents’ lack of sleep can be crucial for their kids.


DiabetesDoctors always ask their patients diagnosed with diabetes whether they sleep well, and almost all of them complain in one voice that nights are nightmares. Obviously, they can’t relax because of their bodies try to get rid of harmful high levels of sugar in the blood through urination.

The Minnesota Regional Sleep Disorders Center in Hennepin County is one of the important research centers where some facts about sleep were proven. One of them is the link to sleep loss and diabetes.

The reaction to sleep loss is something like blocking insulin, which is in charge of controlling proper glucose usage. While insulin is blocked, the hormone isn’t used properly and the levels of sugar in the blood increases rapidly. If insulin fails, diabetes appears. In addition, some body parts (e.g. eyes, heart, and feet) get in danger.

High Blood Pressure

The more people neglect a normal amount of sleep at night, the higher the risk of worsening their health condition is. High blood pressure is no exception. Not having rest makes the body sick and weak.

Scientific studies showed that sleeping makes the body produce hormones against stress more effectively, which means that body can relax easily. A lack of sleep, on the contrary, diminishes the hormone’s production, thus the body accumulates stress, works in an improper way, and high blood pressure appears.

Talk to your doctor to learn how to get rid of such symptoms and find out the best practices of controlling the attack of high blood pressure.

Another Health Problems

An unhealthy way of life always leads to bad consequences. Sleep deprivation is one of the worst things the body ever experiences. If these conditions aren’t fixed, the illnesses will ruin your life. Here are some probable cases which are not widely spread, but still occur:

  1. Skin. Bags under the eyes are often observed in people who ignore proper sleeping hours. That’s not all that happens to your skin. Scientists have found lots of proof that the skin of sleep-deprived people is aging too fast! In addition, some unpleasant things such as red pimples, acne, and rash on face will become chronic in the case of not following a daily regime.
  2. Hair. One of the first signs of lack of sleep is hair loss. It is too sensitive, thus even slight changes in body will influence the condition of the hair. For sure, you will be missing your chevelure which was cared about for years.
  3. InsomniaAn epilepsy seizure may appear in people with continuous fatigue, without them even knowing why. The problems with sleep loss combined with diagnosed epilepsy are becoming more severe than it seems. Simultaneously, epilepsy is adverse, and makes issues with sleep more acute.
  4. Twitching often appears all at once, and one of the reasons is that the nervous system is damaged by sleep deprivation. Take a rest, and recover your nervous system regularly.
  5. Sleep deprivation also boosts the production of Alzheimer’s protein, which leads to a very dangerous disease.
  6. Dementia and sleep disorder are tightly interrelated diseases, and nobody knows exactly what appeared first, whether insomnia caused dementia or vice versa.
  7. Insomnia is a frequently observed cause for bipolar disorder. As a result, mania, as one of the types of bipolar disorder, may occur in patients more often than it should be.
  8. Diarrhea is one of the evident signs of sleep deprivation. If something is wrong with your digestion, the potential reason could be insomnia.
  9. Cancer is no exception, unfortunately, some types of cancer are caused by sleep disorders, too. For instance, cancer can appear in people with circadian rhythm disorders – usually the cause of such a disease can be abnormal shift work.

The abovementioned diseases are the most common but yet they shouldn’t be experienced by any people. However, if symptoms appear, don’t waste your time! Schedule an appointment with a doctor immediately!


Smart drugsIt doesn’t matter the reason for your sleep deprivation, whether it’s because of your habit or an accident – the results are obvious, and sometimes it can cost you your life. It will hurt your ability to function correctly, as well as cause lots of diseases and unpleasant symptoms, which are really annoying.

Avoid all the unhealthy things which might hurt you, and don’t allow your brain to eat itself. In addition, some cases will require eternal and medical support, and ModafinilXL will supply you the particular drugs to stay fresh and full of life after a sleepless night.