Waklert and Coffee - Is It a Good Way

Waklert and Coffee – Is It a Good Way?

We all need to reach for another cup of coffee or tea every day or so. But while we may feel especially tired every once in a while, constantly struggling to stay awake and alert could be the result of a more serious condition, especially if you think you are getting a full night’s sleep. If you find yourself constantly tired, you may want to speak to your doctor about possible treatments and solutions to combat this. For many, caffeine and other regular methods for staying alert may not always work. In those cases, it may be necessary to use medication to combat tiredness.

Waklert and Coffee – Is It a Good Way?

Many who drink coffee while using Waklert find that the coffee greatly increases the effect it has, and thus adjust to a lower dosage.

There are a number of different medications that can be taken for excessive tiredness or to help establish steadier sleep patterns. These work in different ways and are usually used to combat different underlying conditions. Modafinil is one of these common medications, often sold under the name of Modalert or Modvigil. In the U.S., this form of medication has not been approved for regular use and thus is more difficult to find. Armodafinil is another one of these medications, known by its brand-name drug, Waklert. It is a wakefulness-promoting agent, and while its exact mechanisms are unknown, it works with chemicals in the brain to promote inhibition of chemicals that turn on sleep and make you tired, while promoting release of chemicals that help you wake up and stay alert.

Waklert and Coffee - Is It a Good Way

What differentiates Armodafinil from other wakefulness promoting agents is that it is most concentrated a longer time after being taken than many other similar medications. This means that rather than one initial burst of energy that wears off more quickly. This makes Armodafinil more attractive to those who suffer from excessive daytime sleepiness, in which they struggle to stay awake all day, not just at certain times of the day. This is similar to how tea releases caffeine over a longer period of time, while coffee releases it quickly. Both can help with tiredness, but by doing so in different ways, fit different needs.

Armodafinil, unlike other similar medications, is currently FDA-approved for treating some conditions and is being researched about how it may treat other mental conditions and sleep disorders. It has currently been approved for treatment of excessive daytime sleepiness, sleep apnea, shift work disorder, and narcolepsy. It is being investigated for use in treatments of other sleep issues and mental disorders that affect similar parts of the brain, like schizophrenia. While it was not approved for prescription use for treating jet-lag, many finds that Armodafinil is useful short-term in dealing with this condition as well. (It’s important to remember that jet-lag is a temporary condition, thus only small and limited doses of any medication are advised to combat it, in order to avoid unnecessary dependency. For these types of disorders, natural remedies like melatonin may be more suitable.)

Medication Long-Lasting Quick-Acting
Armodafinil βœ“ βœ“
Modafinil βœ“
Coffee βœ“ βœ“

Is It Safe to Drink Coffee While Taking Waklert?

Waklert pills and coffeeMany people wonder what substances are safe to mix when they are on a medication such as Waklert. One common question centers around coffee, and the interaction between coffee and Waklert. While Waklert works to combat longer-term tiredness (over the entire course of the day), substances like coffee, with high levels of caffeine, tend to give a short, quicker burst of energy. Many wonders if these can be used together to complement one another, providing longer energy over the course of the day but an initial burst in order to get started.

While most users do not find a problem with using Waklert and coffee together, you should be aware of the interaction between coffee and Waklert, and adjust accordingly. While it’s not necessarily dangerous to take the two together, they way they interact can affect how you feel. Many who drink coffee while using Waklert find that the coffee greatly increases the effect it has, and thus adjust to a lower dosage. If you are currently on a lower dosage or find that the dosage recommended to you is not enough, coffee may be a good way to make up for this, without resorting to using higher dosages. Similarly, if you find that Waklert is helping you combat tiredness, but does not take effect quickly enough, coffee may be a good way of complementing the medication.


The recommended dosage for Waklert is anywhere from 100 mg to 200 mg. The average dosage that most find useful is 150 mg, but as with any medication, it’s best to start smaller and work your way up, until you find an ideal dosage that works for you. In extreme cases, people may use up to 300 mg, though this is only advised if recommended by a health care professional. Since this medication is FDA-approved, you should consult a doctor before starting or changing dosages, as a professional will be educated on its effects.

Waklert ideally should only be taken once daily. Because of the way it works, taking a dosage later in the day or more than once throughout the day could lead to further sleep problems and insomnia. Waklert releases chemicals and stimulates the brain over a longer period of time, so taking it later in the day or multiple times can cause the brain to be stimulated too late or again, which would lead to being awake all night. A vital part of combating the symptoms of many of these conditions is establishing better sleeping patterns. That is why taking Waklert once per day is ideal, to help both chemically and with your sleeping routine.

Side Effects

Waklert side effectsLike all medications, Waklert comes with some common side effects and things to look out for.

Common side effects of Armodafinil include:

  • headache;
  • nausea;
  • nervousness;
  • dry mouth or nose.

If you find that you are experiencing more extreme forms of this common side effects, or are experiencing other, severe reactions, speak to a health care professional immediately. If you find that Waklert is not helping with your tiredness, or is causing you to stay up later, messing up your normal sleep patterns, or causing insomnia, ask a doctor about other options. With so many medications available, it’s important to find the one that works best for you.

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