Modafinil Price Comparison - Generic vs Name-Brand

What Does Modafinil Cost? Generic vs Non-Generic

Making a Modafinil price comparison between popularly known vendors of Modafinil, including name-brand versions, and generic versions will show the surprising difference between the two. Bonus: Get free Modafinil & Armodafinil trial pack

Modafinil Price Comparison: Generic vs Non-Generic

Are you looking for a Modafinil price comparison? Various alertness-boosting meds are available today to help those who either may be going through a season of intense studies and long work hours, or suffer from sleep disorder conditions which hamper daytime performance.

In todayโ€™s high-stress, production-based society, the answer is to keep going, at least for a period, until the pressure is off so that keen performance is maintained regardless of what may have happened the night before. Because of this, a beneficial wakefulness treatment has been developed to eliminate loss of concentration, fatigue or dozing off during the daytime hours caused by a sleepless night or other daytime sleepiness conditions such as narcolepsy.

Known as Modafinil, this non-prescription medication has become known as a โ€œsmart drugโ€ due to its performance-improving abilities even after a lack of sleep. Besides improving daytime energy and alertness, Modafinil has been shown to reduce or even eliminate short-term negative effects of sleep deprivation to the brain. The quality of the drug has stabilized throughout the industry since its inception in France in 1994; it was then known as Modiodal and then later as Provigil when it was FDA approved in the US in 1998.

Itโ€™s now popularly known as Modafinil, but prices vary significantly due to various factors, including whether or not itโ€™s a brand-name or generic version. Prices are also much higher and vary between the various walk-in pharmaceutical outlets in the US. However, an online venue is now available which provides Modafinil at a much lower price and offers free trial packets of generic Modafinil. Having online access to Modafinil means greater ease in comparing the generic to name-brand versions of the medication, including the results experienced by actual users. Comparing online pharmacies offering Modafinil is also recommended so customers can make an informed decision before buying.

Modafinil Price Comparison: Generic vs Name-Brand

Typically, prices for brand-name Modafinil (commonly known as Provigil) available at most US based walk-in pharmacies are about 30% to 50% higher than the generic drug sold at the same store, but they all offer the same effect. Below is a chart compiled in October 2013 comparing prices between the various vendors for a monthโ€™s supply (30 tablets) of Provigil. This Modafinil price comparison demonstrates that there is a market willing to pay inflated prices for name-brand pharmaceuticals, including Modafinil, while the generic versions are just as good.

Name-Brand Modafinil Pharmacy Price in the U.S. (Provigil)

Monthโ€™s supply (30 tablets) 100 mg 200 mg
Rite Aid $826.19 $1223.99
Costco $879.00 $1264.14
CVS $867.99 $1299.99
Walgreens $971.99 $1338.09
WalMart $987.46 $1490.84

To give an idea of how much is being paid per 200 mg dose of the name-brand, it works out to over $40 per pill if you were to go to Rite-Aid or almost $50 each at Walmart.

The prices for generic Modafinil are obviously lower, and the Modafinil price comparison of generic versions of the drug can be seen below:

Modafinil Price Comparison of Generic Versions Available Online

Quantity Per unit (100 mg or 200 mg) Per pack
30 (monthโ€™s supply) $2.29 $69
100 $1.29 $129
300 $0.99 $299
500 $0.89 $449

Here you will pay $0.89 per 200 mg dose (comparing to $50 at Walmart), a significant difference from the name-brand version of the medication available online. Although this is better than buying the name-brand, one can do much better through generic versions of Modafinil available online. Not only is the price much lower, ordering, research, and delivery are all much easier since everything is done on your computer in the comfort of your home or office. For example, we have generic 200 mg Modafinil available at $0.89 per tablet. This works out to be over 93% less than what generic Modafinil will cost you at Costco – which is $469.23 for a monthโ€™s supply and is the lowest price compared to its over-the-counter competitors. Besides this, offers information and research regarding the use of the product plus free samples of generic Modafinil so you can test the product to see if itโ€™s for you before buying. Not only can you save a lot of money buying the smart-drug online, but you can make a more informed decision as to what will work best for you, including any necessary precautions.

Indian Online Pharmaceutical Companies

The reason quality generic Modafinil is available online at such a low price is that many companies producing generic Modafinil are located in India. These companies have been actively producing various generic versions of Modafinil at a quality equal to that of name-brand products which use the same active ingredient. When the original patent for Modafinil (awarded in 1990) expired in 2015, other pharmaceutical companies, including those in India, were able to manufacture inexpensive versions of generic Modafinil. The minimum wages in India are also much lower than in the US and the costs of operating online pharmacies there are even lower, so online buyers can save 10 times what they would normally pay at a US store or other pharmaceutical company. Not only this, but the many resources available at MBO can allow someone interested in Modafinil to make an accurate, informed and safe decision before buying any of the quality Modafinil products. You can make a Modafinil price comparison and choose the best option for your needs and budget.

Generic Modafinil Products

The various generic Modafinil products available at allow buyers to compare specific characteristics of each product to determine which version will have the best results for their given situation or lifestyle. One version manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals in India, for example, is an effective nootropic supplement available in 100 and 200 mg pills and is designed to improve cognitive ability and can boost mental processes such as learning capacity, attention span and recall. It is usually used by busy students and professionals required to consistently deliver top notch results regardless of sleep quality the night before.

Another generic version of Modafinil is for those who experience excessive fatigue and find it difficult to stay awake during the day. This product which is about twice as strong as Modafinil is for those who find it difficult to stay awake or experience excessive fatigue during the daytime. It can be used to help increase cognitive ability and since it is stronger than Modafinil, it is usually used in smaller doses. Finally, the third version of Modafinil is available which was originally given the brand name Provigil but is now known as generic Provigil and contains the same active ingredient as the brand-name product. Some cautions should be exercised if this Modafinil version is selected so consultation with your physician should be done if you suffer from heart problems, kidney or liver disease, or chest pain. Also, generic Provigil may have some side effects on pregnant women and unborn babies so medical advice should be sought in these situations.

Todayโ€™s online pharmaceutical market has many useful medications available to those who may experience bouts of sleep disorders or have high-demand lifestyles which require top performance during the day regardless of the amount of rest the night before. Thanks to quality Indian online pharmaceutical companies, smart drugs such as low-cost generic Modafinil are now available so that high-level daily performance can be maintained while the detrimental effects on the brain caused by sleep disorders are reduced or eliminated.

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