What Is Trazodone, Uses, Mechanism of Action

What Is Trazodone, Uses, Mechanism of Action

Have you seen reviews for a new drug getting thrown around and wondered to yourself β€œWhat is Trazodone?” The fact is that there are many different answers for many different people. Some use it for sleep while others are more interested in it as an over the counter drug with antidepressant benefits. Or if you are looking for a remedy to treat headaches, panic disorder, schizophrenia or a wide range of other conditions, it can also be a helpful answer.

What Is Trazodone, Uses, Mechanism of Action

What is Trazodone? What does Trazodone treat? How to use this drug and how it works? Read the answers in this article!

But to get a full understanding of what Trazodone treatment looks like, or how it stacks up against similar drugs, it is important to learn everything you can about the long-term effects, mechanism of action, contraindications, safety, half life, classification, uses and more. If you think you may be interested in investing in your own Trazodone tablets, find out exactly what type of drug it is right here, and learn everything you need to know to get started.

What Is Trazodone?

Sometimes known by its generic name, Trazodone HCL (Hydrochloride), it belongs to the antidepressant drug class. And while there are many types of antidepressants available on the market today, Trazodone belongs to a family of drugs that modulates the levels of serotonin in the brain. This means it can affect a patient’s mood and have a positive impact against depression and anxiety attacks.

It was discovered in Italy in the 1960s but was not approved by the FDA until 1981. Today, it is used commonly across many countries of the world as one of the most beneficial and widely accepted mental health drugs on the market. It is a controlled substance, meaning an RX is often required, but it can often be obtained without prescription through a number of international pharmacies.
What Is Trazodone, Uses, Mechanism of Action

Is Trazodone an SSRI?

Although Trazodone is a medicine specifically created for treating depression, it does not fall into the same category as Fluoxetine or other SSRI (serotonin reuptake inhibitor) medications. These medications work by blocking Serotonin inhibitors in the brain, allowing more of the feel-good chemical to enter your system. While similar to these effects and processes, Trazodone falls into a slightly different category, Serotonin Antagonist and Reuptake Inhibitor (SARI).

While each of these types of drugs may sound indistinguishable to non-medical professionals, the fact is that the side effects and potential toxicity are worlds apart. Whether you have previous experience with SARI drugs or not, finding out more can be a breath of fresh air for those seeking psychological relief.

What do Trazodone Pills Look Like?

Trazodone’s appearance can take many forms, depending on what brand name it is being manufactured under. Most times, it will look like a simple round, white pill with a straight line down the middle for half-doses. It can come in 50 mg or 100 mg doses depending on need, and the size and shape of the pill can vary depending on the dose. In some cases, the drug will be found in a trapezoid shape, which can be split evenly into two or three pieces for modulated dosing.

What Is Trazodone Used For?

Trazodone tabletsOne of the biggest perks of Trazodone is the wide range of different uses it has. Some of the maladies it treats are as common as a headache, while it is also able to offer relief for those suffering from more serious conditions like schizophrenia. Whatever specific use you are using Trazodone for, you can be sure that you will also benefit from all of its healthy properties for as long as you are taking it.

So if you are wondering β€œwhat does Trazodone do” then look no further. Below you can find a handful of the most important conditions this useful drug is able to help with.


Insomnia is one of the more common conditions faced by people across the world, as well as one of the hardest to treat. The reason is because of the many different causes of insomnia, which may be hard to pin down for those experiencing the condition for the first time.

Trazodone will make you sleepy upon taking it, which can be an unwanted side effect in some cases. But for those who suffer from insomnia, it can be a much-needed cure. Trazodone treats insomnia in a way that is distinct from a common sleeping pill. Rather than simply making you drowsy, it attacks the condition at its core by addressing the anxiety and depression that makes it possible. Simply put, it can help you sleep but also allows you to get more from each night’s rest.


Similar to the related SSRI drugs, Trazodone is able to serve as an effective treatment for depression. It is also an apt comparison if you are wondering how does it make you feel. By affecting serotonin levels in your body, it is able to create an overall sense of well-being that will persist throughout the day. It has also been reported to make patients feel more energetic, optimistic, and social compared to before they started taking the drug.

However, like other antidepressant drugs, Trazodone also carries a risk and causes depression in some cases. In order to fully understand the benefits and risks of using this medication, speak with a qualified medical professional first.


AnxietySome doctors estimate that as many as 50% of adults show indications for anxiety at some point in their lives, making it one of the most common psychological conditions in existence. However, there are still no surefire cures for it. The good news is that Trazodone is able to have a noticeable impact on the outlook and energy of those suffering.

Any psychotherapist can tell you that depression and anxiety are intimately linked and softening the effects of one can dramatically affect the other. From this perspective, Trazodone is able to treat anxiety effectively and change patients’ outlook on life in a significant way.

By boosting serotonin levels in the bloodstream, the medicine is able to ease the symptoms of anxiety and allow users to manage their stress in a more healthy way.

Panic Attacks

Panic attacks go hand in hand with anxiety and depression but can come with a number of serious side effects that are specific to it alone. After experiencing high levels of stress, some individuals may experience a panic attack which is marked by a spike in negative feelings, fear, as well as perspiration and difficulty breathing.

Trazodone is not an instant solution to panic attacks, however it can over time affect the way users perceive themselves and the world around them. After regular use, some patients feel more in control of their lives and better able to cope with the day to day stresses that they experience.


Perhaps one of the most serious conditions Trazodone is able to treat is schizophrenia. It is by no means a cure, but it can help with some of the negative side effects that come with the condition without exacerbating florid psychosis. While the effects may be minimal, it offers the unique benefit of being less expensive than many antipsychotics and does not come with many serious side effects.


HeadacheTrazodone can be a bit of a wild card when it comes to treating headaches. It is officially listed as a drug that is able to reduce the effects of headaches and migraines, while also presenting the risk of causing them outright. A number of Trazodone users do experience mild to chronic headaches, and the effects of the drug are often dependent on the individual user.

The drug may not be prescribed for headaches commonly because its effects are so hard to predict, and often the best option is to speak with your doctor before using it for this purpose.

Can Trazodone Be Used for Pain Treating?

Like its effect on headaches, it is hard to define exactly how it will affect those experiencing chronic pain. However, many users report positive effects when the medication is taken for these purposes. The effects are most often mild, although for users experiencing long-term pain from arthritis or a similar condition, it may be an ideal solution.

If you are still wondering β€œcan it be used for pain”, the best bet is to get in touch with a qualified medical professional who can better explain all of the ways the drug with work with your system.

How Does Trazodone Work?

Put simply, Trazodone works by balancing the amount of serotonin in the bloodstream. By increasing the amount of this neurotransmitter, users are able to experience an increased sense of well-being and satisfaction, as well as reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression. The effects may take up to four weeks to begin working completely.

How to take Trazodone

Trazodone is a relatively easy drug to incorporate into your everyday life and only requires the observance of a few simple rules in order to get the most out of your medication. Take a look at the short list below to understand how to get positive, reliable results with each and every dosage:

  • in some cases, Trazodone cannot be taken with food, but it depends on the individual user and specific formulation, talk to your doctor for more information;
  • Alcoholavoid or limit alcohol consumption while on Trazodone, as it can come with increased dizziness and impaired motor functions;
  • avoid driving or operating heavy machinery while on Trazodone until you know how it affects you, some users experience greater levels of motor impairment on the drug, making it a potential hazard;
  • always check with your doctor when combining Trazodone with other medications, especially other sedatives and SSRI meds.

Trazodone can be a bit of a wild card when it comes to treating headaches. It is officially listed as a drug that is able to reduce the effects of headaches and migraines, while also presenting the risk of causing them outright. A number of Trazodone users do experience mild to chronic headaches, and the effects of the drug are often dependent on the individual user.

The drug may not be prescribed for headaches commonly because its effects are so hard to predict, and often the best option is to speak with your doctor before using it for this purpose.

Is it Addictive Drug?

Trazodone does have some mild addictive properties, however, they pose a much lower threat than many other antidepressant options. One reason for this is that the drug itself does not create a strong euphoric feeling, and so the incentive for misuse is largely mitigated. Also, the drowsiness the drug causes lowers the potential for abuse.

However, there are a number of cases of Trazodone misuse, meaning that the potential still exists for users that are worried about potential addiction. Always ensure that you are taking the prescribed dosage of all meds to rely on consistent results.

Is it Safe?

OverdoseTrazodone is known as a very safe drug, and can even be combined with other antidepressant medications for boosted effects when treating insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

However, any drug combinations should be checked with your doctor first, as some pairings may cause overdose. Fatalities are rare in cases of overdose and most cases can be dealt with symptomatically.

It is important to remember that most medications do come with the risk of overdose and misuse. To stay as safe as possible, follow the dosing directions on your bottle carefully.

Common drug interactions

Whenever trying any new medication for the first time, it is necessary to ensure that it will not have any harmful interactions with medications you are currently taking. Make sure to to carefully read your medication’s package insert for more information, or view the table below for a list of some of the most common drug interactions.

Abilify Ambien Cymbalta Fish oil Klonopin Lexapro Lyrica
Unsafe Unsafe Unsafe Safe Unsafe Unsafe Unsafe

Brand, Generic and Another Names of Trazodone

Trazodone comes in a number of names, whether it is the generic name, Trazodone HCL, the brand name, Oleptro, or another name when found branded in a different country. The good news for those feeling confused by all of the different varieties is that they all have the same effects and can be used interchangeably, as long as the dosage remains unaffected. Generic drugs often provide a lower cost alternative the prescription medications while still promising the same benefits.

Getting your own Trazodone

To get started with your first dosage of Trazodone, it is recommended that you speak with your doctor to fully understand all of the benefits and risks. While many pharmacies require a prescription to get the drug, international pharmacies are able to offer generic forms of the medication at a discounted rate and without a prescription. Just make sure you are shopping with a reputable online pharmacy.